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Trade Financing Solutions

trade financing solutions

Working Capital Solutions for Importers, Exporters & Investors

trade financing importers

For Importers

Stabilize Your Supply Chain

As an importer, you may have difficulty improving your payment credit terms on invoices & securing the supply chain. We can connect you to trade financing solutions to improve payment terms for both suppliers and you.

Unlock Your Working Capital

Cash in your export receivable financing to maintain sufficient working capital to grow your business.

You can receive the amount your buyers owe you ahead of time through invoice factoring. Our trade finance partner can pay you upfront, up to 90% of the invoice amount. Your buyers pay later, while you will get refunded any surplus amount after deducting the funded amount.  The funding you receive is non-recourse, even if the buyer fails to pay for financial reasons.

trade financing investors

For Investors

Earn a Steady & Stable, Risk Adjusted Opportunity

As an investor, you plan to diversify strategies to get steady and stable returns while minimizing risks from a synthetic fixed-income asset. Our trade financing solutions provide stability, diversification benefits, and reliability for your investments in cross-border trade receivables.

Invoice Financing Solutions for SMEs

50+ Countries, 20+ Industries, Served since 2016

Quick Turnaround: Your export receivables paid in 48h.

Non-Recourse Financing: We don’t chase the seller if the buyer defaults on payment.

trade financing money

Get Paid Faster

You can get paid upfront up to 90% (minus fees) of the invoice value your buyers owe you. The fund release can be much faster than a bank, and it will not appear in your company balance sheet as it is not a loan.

trade financing checklist

Eligibility Criteria

Industries We Prefer

Invoice Flow Chart

How it Works

At this initial stage, we will need your basic information like the name of your company, registration number and the name of the trade partner (buyer or supplier).

Our partner will apply for a credit limit to their insurance for the buyer(s) you wish to get financing for.

Once the credit limit has been approved, our partner will directly issue a term sheet to you which both parties will sign. The onboarding process then begins by uploading the necessary documents.

A few days to review and approve the transaction. Usually a quick process if all documents provided are in order.

Upload your first invoice and get it funded usually within 48 hours.

trade financing partner
Our trade financing partner is a Singapore-based trusted & reliable fintech organization. They have financed almost USD1 billion in trades in over 50 countries worldwide.
Team ACE
Ace VIP Services


While a good credit score can certainly help, trade financing is often based more on the specifics of the transaction and the parties involved rather than solely on creditworthiness.

While it is specifically designed for international trade, there are some forms of trade financing, such as supply chain financing, that can be used for domestic transactions as well. However, traditional loans are typically a more common form of financing for domestic transactions.

Trade financing can provide a range of benefits to businesses engaged in international trade, including improved cash flow management, reduced risk exposure, access to new markets, improved supplier relationships, and increased competitiveness.

Trade financing can benefit businesses of all sizes that engage in international trade. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, can benefit from trade financing, as they may not have the financial resources to manage the risks and challenges of international trade on their own.

Trade financing offers a number of advantages over traditional loans, including:

  1. Reducing the risks associated with cross-border transactions
  2. Improving cash flow by providing financing at various stages of the trade process
  3. Providing a layer of financial protection for both the buyer and the seller
  4. Allowing businesses to access financing even if they have less-established credit histories