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Stock Loans

stock loans

Investing in stocks can be an excellent way to grow your wealth, but did you know that you can also use your publicly traded stock portfolio to secure non-recourse loans?

Stock loans are often the preferred liquidity solution for executives and ultra High Net Worth (HNW) individuals.

Now you can protect your stock portfolio and GET CASH with our non-recourse stock loan. You will instantly gain access to money & liquidity fast, privately, easily, and cheaply by using your publicly traded stock/securities.

We have partnered with major lenders worldwide to provide you with the absolute best stock loan features.

Our unique non-recourse, non-title transfer stock loan product allows us to deliver the most superior instant liquidity financing in the marketplace.

We lend to a wide range of clientele, the High Net Worth, Executives, Real Estate Investors, etc., and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise and our genuine concern for your greater good.

With an ever-changing financial climate, you need someone on your side who knows how to close your stock loan and get you your funds in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in helping our clients – large or small, obtain streamlined financing even in today’s economy.

Almost all major worldwide stock exchanges are accepted as well as borrowers from around the globe. 

☑ NO Personal Guarantee!

☑ NO Credit Review!

☑ NO Personal Income!

☑ NO Personal Tax Returns required!

☑ NO Business Income and NO Business Tax returns are required to get a loan! 

☑ You can reap 100% of all the rewards of any appreciation and dividends!

☑ We can loan you up to 70% of the value of your securities with no recourse! 

☑ Low Fixed Interest Rate

Many of our clients wisely use our stock loans to invest in their business, to buy real estate and/or to buy luxury items, i.e. jets, helicopters, boats, cars, rare art, etc., or just to have cash on hand.

What happens when a CXO sells stock every quarter or a large share sale and makes the legal announcement of the sale(s)?  The stock drops most of the time. 

Why is that? 

Think about it for a moment, if you as an investor, heard CXO is selling you would be thinking what do they know that you don’t know?  Smart investors watch for insider selling and get out immediately!  Why would any investor want to hold when CXO’s are selling?

Whenever CXOs make public disclosures to sell, the market sells the stock off hurting them and investors.  This creates a horrible outcome that most want to avoid at all costs! 

Similarly, if you have a stock portfolio, getting a stock loan through us can be a great way to access cash while still holding onto your investments.

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Q: What are the eligibility requirements for obtaining a stock loan?

Eligibility requirements for stock-based loans vary among lenders. However, common criteria include having a diversified and publicly traded stock portfolio, meeting minimum stock value thresholds, and demonstrating creditworthiness. It’s best to consult with lenders directly to understand their specific eligibility criteria.

Q: How is the interest rate determined for stock loans?

The interest rate for stock-based loans is typically influenced by factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, loan-to-value ratio, market conditions, and the lender’s policies. Generally, interest rates for stock-based loans tend to be competitive compared to traditional loans due to the collateralization provided by the stock portfolio.

Q: Can I still receive dividends on my stocks if they are used as collateral for a stock loan?

Yes, in most cases, borrowers can still receive dividends on their stocks even if they are being used as collateral for a stock-based loan. The borrower retains ownership of the stocks, and dividends are typically paid directly to the stockholder’s account. However, it’s important to review the specific terms of the loan agreement to ensure there are no restrictions or limitations on dividend payments.

stock loans global exchanges

African Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Johannesburg Stock ExchangeSouth AfricaYes
Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) AlexandriaEgyptCase By Case
Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) CairoEgyptCase By Case
Casablanca Stock ExchangeMoroccoCase By Case

Asian Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Australian Stock ExchangeAustraliaYes
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeChinaCase By Case*
Indonesia Stock ExchangeIndonesia>$400K DTV/TitleTrf/Funds 72hrs
Nagoya Stock ExchangeJapanYes
Osaka Securities ExchangeJapanYes
Tokyo Grain ExchangeJapanYes
Tokyo Stock ExchangeJapanYes
Kuala Lumpur Stock ExchangeMalaysiaYes
New Zealand Stock ExchangeNew ZealandYes
Karachi Stock ExchangePakistanYes
Lahore Stock ExchangePakistanYes
The Stock Exchange of ThailandThailandYes
Hong Kong Stock ExchangeHong Kong, ChinaYes
Singapore International Monetary Exchange Ltd. (SIMEX)SingaporeYes
Philipine Stock ExchangePhilippinesYes, TitleTrf**

* China notes:  This program is new and is limited.  This is a new complex product, unlike our standard product and certain restrictions will apply.

** Philippine notes:  All transactions in the Philippines must involve title transfer to fund in order to meet all the legal requirements imposed by the various government, custodians, and securities laws.

EUROPEAN Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
NASDAQ OMX Nordic ExchangeEuropean UnionYes
NASDAQ OMX EuropeEuropean UnionYes
Euronext (Amsterdam, Brussels, etc.)European UnionYes
EASDAQ/Euronext BrusselsBelgiumCase By Case
OMX CopenhagenDenmarkYes
Helsinki Stock ExchangeFinlandCase By Case
Paris Stock Exchange / CAC40FranceYes
LesEchos: 30-minute delayed pricesFranceYes
London Stock ExchangeUnited KingdomYes
Frankfurt Stock ExchangeGermanyYes
Deutsche Boerse (including others)GermanyYes
Athens Stock ExchangeGreeceCase By Case
Italian Stock Exchange / Borsa ItalianaItalyYes
Ljubljana Stock ExchangeSloveniaYes
Barcelona Stock ExchangeSpainYes
Madrid Stock ExchangeSpainYes
Stockholm Stock ExchangeSwedenYes
Swiss ExchangeSwitzerlandYes
Istanbul Stock ExchangeTurkeyYes
Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)PolandYes
Euronext (3,379 stocks)European Union/NetherlandsYes
Luxembourg Stock ExchangeLuxembourgYes
Wiener BoerseAustriaYes
Riga Stock ExchangeLatviaYes
Vilnius Stock ExchangeLithuaniaYes
Armenia Securities ExchangeArmeniaYes
Oslo Stock ExchangeNorwayYes
Euronext DublinIrelandYes
Euronext LisbonPortugalYes
The International Stock ExchangeGuernseyCase By Case

Middle Eastern Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Tel Aviv Stock ExchangeIsraelYes
Beirut Stock ExchangeLebanonConsidered >$400K DTV
Istanbul Stock ExchangeTurkeyYes
Bahrain Stock ExchangeBahrainConsidered >$400K DTV
Jordan Stock ExchangeJordanConsidered >$400K DTV
Kuwait Stock ExchangeKuwaitConsidered >$400K DTV
Muscat Stock ExchangeOmanConsidered >$400K DTV
Doha Stock ExchangeQatarConsidered >$400K DTV
Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)Saudi ArabiaConsidered >$400K DTV
Abu Dhabi Securities ExchangeUnited Arab EmiratesConsidered >$400K DTV
Dubai Financial MarketUnited Arab EmiratesConsidered >$400K DTV

North American Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Toronto Stock ExchangeCanadaYes
TSX Venture ExchangeCanadaYes
Montreal ExchangeCanadaYes
* USA Citizens & USA Entities with foreign stocks (Better foreign entity and/or residence)USACase By Case

SOUTH American Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Mexico Stock Exchange BMVMexicoYes
Mexico Stock Exchange BIVAMexicoYes
Brazil Stock Market B3BrazilYes
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA)ArgentinaYes
Chile Stock ExchangeChileYes
Colombia Stock ExchangeColombiaYes
Lima Stock ExchangePeruYes

Caribbean Stock Exchanges

ExchangesCountriesLending Availability
Jamaican Stock ExchangeJamaicaCase By Case
Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE)Trinidad and TobagoCase By Case
Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX)BermudaCase By Case
Cayman Islands Stock ExchangeCayman IslandsCase By Case
Eastern Caribbean Securities ExchangeAnguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCase By Case

Global Stock Exchange Lists By Region

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